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Robust and easy to use generic dicoms anonymizer with demographics csv spreadsheet anonymization by hashed ids

python-codicefiscale is a very small library for encode/decode Italian fiscal code - codifica/decodifica del Codice Fiscale.

BuddySuite is a group of command line utilities created in Python for dealing with biological data.

information by merging it. Package is made up of basic approaches for changing po documents into csv, ods formats and back again. In addition it

Purpose of the library would be to simplify development of bots for automatic information posting into telegram channels. Depending on python-telegram-bot.

redis module for MicroPython that allows importing merely a subset of the redis features for reduced memory environments

Pythonic module for symbolizing and manipulating file dimensions with different prefix notations (file dimension unit conversion)

Python decorators for kind and value checking at runtime. Also, some boilerplate code for creating classes that help function registration and firing.

PyF.Station can be a protocol with shopper and server implementation to transfer python turbines accross tcp networks.

Primary python scripts plus a wrapper around osm2pqsql which incorporates database development and involved check this site out modularized library functions

Defines a %%cache cell magic inside the IPython notebook to cache outcomes of extensive-lasting computations in the persistentpickle file.

A list of python scripts displaying the nearby docker containers construction and status on an ascii map.

A wrapper for extensive-jogging tasks that iterate about many things, printing helpful 'percentage finished' messages to standard error.

This logger delivers some conveniences that make a lot easier of logging from python code and from ZPT templates.

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